Be Breakfast

At breakfast we give the best!

Breakfast here at the Hotel Be Place is very special. Sweet for those who need a pampering as soon as they wake up, and savoury for those seeking energy. Not sure which side to choose? You don’t have to. In our buffet you find everything, but really everything, that you want.

We choose products one by one, relying on small local producers who, like us, do everything with love and passion. Small local alpine huts, often run by young people who carry on family traditions, old farms and farms with farmers who still cultivate naturally.

And, if you have a sweet tooth, here with us is paradise: Lee, our Pastry Chef, with his cakes, sweets and freshly prepared crepes has found a way to put a smile on your face early in the morning.

Every day a taste experience

Breakfast at the Hotel Be Place is a feast for the eyes and the palate.

In our buffet, every day, you will find products from small local farms, always different. Our breakfast changes according to the season and what the farmers bring us.
There is never a shortage of yoghurt, the good yoghurt from the alpine pastures, butter, which has a more intense colour in summer because the cows are taken to the high mountains and eat yellow flowers, and herb, wine and goat’s cheese.

The eggs, delivered from the farm, are organic.  Scrambled, sunny-side up, soft-boiled, boiled, in classic omelettes filled with seasonal vegetables, with cheese and sausages, or together with crispy bacon: you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Speaking of charcuterie: ours is made in a historic artisan workshop in the area. The fragrant speck that you can find every morning, the cooked ham made with meat from Trentino pigs, without the use of preservatives, polyphosphates and chemical additives, an exceptional natural ham, the farmer’s salami, the soppressa and the tasty lucaniche are the best that the Trentino tradition can offer you. From time to time we also offer the salted meat from Alto Garda Trentino, with flakes of Grana Trentino cheese on a bed of rocket.
If you are curious and want to find out how local products are made, you can visit the farms, the malghe (shepherd’s huts) and the stables, taste and buy them directly from the producer and take home all the flavour of our land.

Those who prefer sweet to savoury can’t miss the delicious jams and marmalades made with local fruit: bilberries, cranberries, currants, strawberries, raspberries, apricots, cherries, apples, pears and the original strudel flavour of our own invention, with apples and sultanas. The best way to enjoy them is together with mountain butter on a slice of dark bread, which is prepared for us by the local bakery, or the soft white bread.

Is your ideal breakfast healthy and light? You will find apples every day in quantity and according to the season: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, gooseberries, blackberries and currants grown at an altitude of 1300 metres, grapes, plums and apricots.

If you’ve never tried our fragrant fruit salad, now is the time to do so, and maybe even add seeds and dried fruit, as well as cereals, muesli, oats, honey or yoghurt for an energy boost.

Then there is the natural apple juice, which can never be missing if you want every day to be a good day, the blueberry, orange, ACE, pineapple or the classic juice.


The coffee you will find at the Hotel Be Place is an ecofriendly blend, with a high percentage of Arabica delight, which as well as being good is also fair trade.

Those with specific dietary requirements will have various types of milk available: fresh Trento milk in glass bottles, Trento Bio milk, lactose-free, organic soya, organic rice, organic oats and organic almond. Those who follow a vegan, gluten-free or lactose-free diet will find specific foods such as whole-corn and buckwheat biscuits (gluten-free) from the local farm, as well as all packaged gluten-free products.

Lee, our pastry chef

In the kitchen, working wonders, is Lee, our Pastry Chef. Originally from Liberia and raised in the midst of nature, he learnt the value of hospitality and love of cooking from his homeland.

His pastry is colourful, fragrant and full of flavour. Thanks to his talent, professionalism and the freshest raw materials, which are never lacking in Trentino, every cake is magic.

For Lee’s cakes he uses only eggs, butter, olive oil, corn oil and local flours such as buckwheat flour.

Between apple strudel, Linzer Torte, Sacher, shortbread tarts, cakes with seasonal products such as pumpkin and chestnuts, buckwheat and currant cake, fruit cakes, pastries, rustic biscuits and shortbread, doughnuts, and muffins we, as well as our guests, don’t really know what to choose. And in fact Lee bakes everything, every day!

 In addition to the classic Trentino pastries, there are cold desserts, such as panna cotta made with milk from Trentino cows and berries, tiramisu, which for many is the best good morning there is, cheesecake, millefeuille with custard, and empty croissants, always fragrant, also available whole and vegan, or stuffed… and so much more that we are surely forgetting!

In addition, Lee freshly bakes crepes, pancakes with or without eggs, with almond, chickpea, rice, buckwheat flour, lactose-free and egg-free cakes.

Curious to try our incredible breakfast?

Delicious breakfasts to say the least! Excellent desserts prepared by them and all excellent quality products from local companies!


Congratulations for the breakfast, exceptional buffet with very good local products especially the salty (cheese)!


The following morning we had the pleasure of having breakfast on a bright veranda, enjoying delicacies made of fragrant cakes and freshly baked brioches, authentically produced at zero kilometer and in great variety, capable of restoring original flavours.

Maria Grazia

Super breakfast with local products! Best stay ever!